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Brandi Bradbury, LSUDC, CRS

Brandi Bradbury, LSUDC, CRS

Director of Clinical Outreach

Brandi Bradbury joined the Elements team as Clinical Outreach Manager in January 2022.  Brandi is a Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor and brings over 25 years of counseling, case management, supervision, program development and business management experience working within the mental health and substance abuse treatment industry.

The first 14 years of her professional career Brandi spent working within three of the industry’s leading outdoor and behavioral health organizations in Utah. Within these organizations Brandi grew alongside some of today’s most renowned and inspired clinicians and leaders in the profession of private mental health treatment. Even in these early days, Brandi was recognized several times for her professional, innovative approach and progressive style of management and ease of building authentic relationships.

In 2014 Brandi joined her longtime colleague and friend Nanette Zumwalt at Hired Power. In those 8 years Brandi worked in the executive team, aiding in Hired Power’s continuing program development, professional training and direct staff supervision of cases 1:1 with clients and families. In the professional recovery community, Brandi is known to have a knack and passion for finding common ground to meet even the most difficult client to develop applicable, measurable steps toward long-term recovery goals.

Along with her years of dedicated work, Brandi has an extensive portfolio of trainings in substance abuse/addiction treatment, compulsive behaviors, coaching, mentoring, de-escalation, intervention techniques, suicide risk assessment and she is certified in Systemic Family Intervention.  Brandi will complete her Master’s of Healthcare Administration degree in 2022.

For those that know her, they will say that Brandi has a contagious passion and enthusiasm for hope and healing. Her firsthand experiences within years of witnessing the results and healing found within therapeutic programming in the central Utah outdoors is something she is passionate about sharing with others.  Whether you meet her via phone or in person, her genuine caring and understanding is unmistakable. Brandi’s professional principal is remaining abreast of the new developments, treatment modalities, scientific research and information of the treatment field.

Brandi works remotely as she resides in rural south-central Utah, where her roots run deep in farming and ranching, alongside her husband Shane and two sons and new daughter-in-law.

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