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If what you have read so far resonates with you, please give me a call at any time. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about outdoor therapy in general, or Elements in particular. If your loved one is not a fit for Elements, I will tell you why so that you can be even better equipped to find an excellent treatment option for them.

Good luck as you search for solutions for your loved one. Having done this work for many years, I can tell you with confidence—there is hope.
Kate Lierd, Admissions Director

Admissions Team

Enrollment Process

Our committed and experienced team is here to answer your questions and offer you care and support throughout the enrollment process. We understand that this is a major decision with many considerations, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Reach Out

The initial step to enrolling at Elements is to speak with our dedicated and experienced Admissions team. We want to hear why you are seeking treatment and learn about your unique situation. We will then share how Elements could be a fit for you, or if we don’t think we’re the best option for you, we will tell you that as well. We only enroll clients who we think can be successful here at Elements.


Once you decide that you would like to move forward with Elements, we invite you to fill out an online application. Our Admissions counselors will walk you through the specifics for completing this step. If you would like to start an application immediately, just go to our Parent Portal, create a new account, and begin filling out the application. You can save your progress and come back to it at any time.

Parent Portal

Every application to Elements is subject to a thorough review by our clinical and medical teams. We are committed to ensuring that each client enrolled in our program is an appropriate fit for our outdoor therapy model. We work hard to complete the review process in 24 hours, and if it takes longer, we will keep you updated.

Travel Planning & Arrival

If your application is approved, we will begin to work with you on the logistics and details of traveling to and arriving at Elements. There are a number of considerations in making your loved one’s arrival at Elements go smoothly, and we will support you as you plan these final details.


Our compassionate and highly experienced team will be at the office to welcome your loved one to Elements. We know that this first day can be an emotionally and physically exhausting experience of travel and transition for clients and their families. Our team will provide care and support to you and your loved one as you both navigate the details of enrollment, say goodbyes, and settle into the program.

Cost and Length of Stay

Elements is a private-pay treatment program, and we do not take insurance. However, there are insurance reimbursement options for families. 

Insurance Reimbursement

Here at Elements, we believe that access to behavioral and mental healthcare is as fundamental as access to medical care. However, due to limitations of working with insurance companies, families pay tuition costs up front and then apply for reimbursement after treatment is complete.


We understand that enrolling at Elements is a significant decision for a family to make, both emotionally and financially. We truly desire to serve every family and client who is a good fit for our program. To this end, Elements offers a limited number of scholarships each year to families unable to afford the full tuition cost. If this applies to you, please ask our Admissions Team for a scholarship application. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your family’s situation.

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