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We at Elements recognize that psychiatric assessment and care is an integral part of treatment for many of our clients. As a short-term treatment and assessment program, it is not Elements’ standard practice to change medication, but many of our assessments would fall short if they did not consider the effects of psychiatric intervention for our clients. 

Elements has a credentialed, licensed, and board-certified psychiatric team for just this purpose. If our clinical or medical team receives information which indicates that a client’s medications need to be evaluated, psychiatric assessment and medication management can happen with family (and adult client’s) approval. Elements has a psychiatric team that can meet remotely with the client via Zoom, conduct an assessment, help answer questions, and explore medication intervention. From that point, the medical team will continue to monitor and evaluate these changes, with input from the rest of the treatment team. 

Ask our admissions team or your child’s therapist whether you think this would be an appropriate step for your child or loved one. If it is deemed clinically appropriate to take this step, this service is provided at no extra charge to the family or client.

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