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Welcome, and thanks for looking into our program. I am consistently humbled by you, our parents, for your ability to love your child enough to recognize that they need more than they have been able to get at home. I am further humbled by our clients for how much they are able to accomplish in such a short timeframe. I believe our success is not the result of some type of magic we employ out here; it is rather a result of the environment we co-create for them, with your help and involvement. Your child’s struggles do not indicate a deficiency on their part, but are rather symptomatic of the fact that they simply need more support.

At Elements we know we can’t change people. What we can do is provide a safe and healthy environment where they can see that change is in their best interest and choose that path for their future. This is a critical time for them in which their lifelong health depends upon nothing short of a paradigm shift, in which they realize that therapy is not something being done to them but rather an opportunity for them. If they make it work for them, therapy can help them get more of what they truly want out of life.

Of course we love the outdoors, but we choose to work out here because it happens to be the healthiest place we can find for our clients to drop their defenses, discover their true strength through their daily successes, and learn to incorporate the skills they are acquiring into each moment of their day. From there, our job is to take every little success in the backcountry and help our clients translate that to their life and relationships outside of treatment.

Once our clients see and experience that they can make their lives better, it becomes infectious. I have never seen people so proud of their achievements than I have seen in our field. It is a paradox worth noting: it is only once we let go and help them take responsibility for their own failures that they get to step in and give themselves the credit they deserve for their success.

So in short, our job is to keep our clients safe, create a safe and healthy environment for them to drop their defenses and have honest dialogue about their lives, and provide them with the tools they will need to take those next steps to health. We hope this website offers insight into the particulars of our program, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how this applies to your child.

With gratitude,

Andrew Powell, MBA

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