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Welcome to Elements, where we embrace the outdoors and its healing power to support struggling adolescent boys and all-gendered young adults on their journey to wellness and personal growth.

Our unique approach combines evidence-based therapy with outdoor adventures, providing our clients with the opportunity to “choose their challenge” and discover healing in nature.

The benefits of being outdoors extend beyond disconnecting from technology:

  • Research indicates that time spent in nature significantly manages stress by reducing cortisol levels.
  • Nature promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • It cultivates gratitude and appreciation for the surrounding world.
  • Inspires clients to strive for personal growth and positive change.

At Elements, we’ve seen firsthand the profound impact that nature can have on our clients’ lives. By combining the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors with evidence-based therapy techniques, we provide a holistic approach to healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. And as the popularity of apps and machines that create sounds of nature continues to rise, it’s clear that more and more people are recognizing the healing power of the natural world.

Expedition Model

Our clients have long sought distraction as a way to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. That is why we believe that a comprehensive program set in an environment free of outside distractions provides the best space for our clients to come to real understanding about their role in their life.

We have found that to be best achieved in a constant expedition model, rather than in a “base camp” model, where students spend a bulk of their time in transition between the field experience and the base experience.

The intrinsic benefit of the one unbroken journey that our expedition model provides is that all our observation and assessment happens in real time, in the group, rather than in an artificial “outpatient-style” setting that was designed for our own comfort. Our therapists, our staff, our adventure programming director, and our backup and support are centered around each group, not the other way around.

This consistent week to week schedule provides minimal transitions for our clients and a consistent daily and weekly routine that allows each individual to fall into rhythm with nature. With the program’s operations revolving around their group and its needs, we protect their journey and keep it intact. Our clients get to make this journey their own, and the sense of accomplishment they get from being out there is unparalleled.

Sleeping Outside

Sleeping outdoors offers a multitude of benefits for both body and mind. From regulating circadian rhythms to improving sleep quality, spending a night under the stars can have a transformative effect on overall well-being. 

At Elements, we recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep in supporting our clients’ journey towards healing and personal growth. We provide a full sleep system based on practicality and the highest safety-rated equipment. From adjustable sleep shelters and sturdy sleeping bags to comfortable sleeping pads, we spare no expense in ensuring that our clients have everything they need for a restful night’s sleep outdoors. 

We understand that sleeping outdoors is new to most client’s. Our staff, who are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, are incredibly helpful in teaching each client about the equipment of their personal sleep system and how to use it. This ensures that every client is equipped with the knowledge and skills to make the most of their outdoor sleeping experience.

Gear & Equipment

Thanks to advancements in materials and design, outdoor gear has become increasingly lightweight, durable, and practical, revolutionizing the experience of spending extended periods living in the wilderness.

The allure of hiking and backpacking has surged in recent years, drawing in a diverse array of outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore the world’s natural wonders. This surge in popularity has not only led to an increased appreciation for the great outdoors but also spurred innovation in outdoor gear technology. 

At Elements nature-based therapy program, we recognize the importance of providing our clients with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure their safety and comfort during their outdoor expeditions. We stay abreast of the latest developments in outdoor gear, constantly updating our inventory with the best equipment available on the market. By equipping our clients with state-of-the-art gear, we not only enhance their overall experience but also instill confidence and peace of mind.


Nutrition stands as a cornerstone of overall wellness, particularly within the realm of outdoor therapeutic programs. At Elements, we recognize the critical role that nutrition plays, especially for clients who may have previously struggled with poor dietary habits. Many of our clients arrive with a history of relying on fast and convenient foods, often lacking in nutritional value, before embarking on their journey with us.

Understanding the significance of proper nutrition in fostering physical and mental well-being, we collaborate closely with a dietitian to design meal plans tailored to the needs of our active young clientele. Gone are the days of subsisting on basic fare like “beans and rice” in the outdoors. With the advent of innovative food preservation and packaging techniques, the possibilities for outdoor dining have expanded exponentially.

At Elements, we prioritize providing wholesome and nutritious meals that not only meet the caloric requirements of our clients but also nourish their bodies with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are incorporated daily, while fresh meats are featured in multiple meals each week. By offering a diverse array of nutritious options, we aim to not only fuel our clients’ physical activities but also support their overall health and well-being.

Cooking in the Outdoors

Cooking food outdoors is not just about nourishing the body; it can be an enriching experience that adds flavor to the journey of self-discovery and healing. At Elements, we’ve embraced the art of outdoor cooking as an integral part of our therapeutic program. Our approach is simple yet profound: we harness the primal power of open flame fires and coals to create delicious and satisfying meals that nourish both body and soul.

At the heart of our outdoor cooking philosophy is the use of coals generated from open flame fires. These coals serve as the source of heat for preparing our meals, infusing them with a unique smoky flavor that simply can’t be replicated in a traditional kitchen setting.

But it’s not just about the end result; it’s also about the process. There’s something inherently satisfying about being involved in the preparation of a meal outdoors, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Whether it’s gathering firewood, tending to the flames, or chopping vegetables, every step of the cooking process becomes an opportunity for connection, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Perhaps it’s this sense of connection to the natural world, combined with the simplicity and authenticity of outdoor cooking, that makes the food taste extra good in the outdoors. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying the magic of cooking and sharing a meal under the open sky. At Elements, we believe that food is not just sustenance; it’s a catalyst for transformation, healing, and connection. And it’s our privilege to share that experience with each and every one of our clients.

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