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A letter from our CEO

Welcome, and thanks for looking into our program.


I am consistently humbled by you, our parents, for your ability to love enough to recognize that your child needs more than they have been able to get at home. I am further humbled by our clients for how much they can accomplish in such a short program. I believe our success is not the result of some type of magic we employ out here; it is rather a result of the environment we co-create for them, with your help and involvement. Your child’s struggles do not indicate a deficiency on their part but are rather symptomatic of the fact that they simply need more support.

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Elements: Adolescents

An experience that’s all about adolescent boys and the families who love them. We believe raising a teenage boy should be equal parts challenging and rewarding. At Elements, your son is more than a client, more than a number. He is the reason we do what we do. Join us at Elements and take the first step to lasting change.

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Eclipse: Neurodivergent Adolescents

The goal of our Eclipse program is redefining outdoor/wilderness therapy to make it most effective for neurodiverse adolescents. While traditional outdoor/wilderness therapy can be incredibly impactful with neurotypical individuals, Eclipse was founded to augment traditional outdoor/wilderness therapy in ways that better serve our neurodiverse clients, click here for more information on who we serve and how we do it.

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Traverse: Young Adults

We serve adults of all genders who are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, and more.. We offer a new beginning to clients who desire to live fuller and healthier lives. We are a nomadic wilderness therapy program where clients spend 8 to 10 weeks backpacking and adventuring through Utah's scenic backcountry.

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Outdoor Living

Welcome to Elements, where we embrace the outdoors and its healing power to support struggling adolescent boys and all-gendered young adults on their journey to wellness and personal growth.

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We can assure you and all of our clients that safety is our top priority. Our primary responsibility is to ensure the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of our clients at all times. Higher order change can only occur when a person is not concerned for their immediate safety.

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