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As a program focused on assessment as well as treatment, Elements understands that some clients will need psychological testing in order to get the best understanding of their needs. In efforts to provide a neutral and unbiased, independent set of eyes on our clients, Elements links families with outside psychological testers who specialize in conducting testing in the wilderness. Although they are completely financially independent of Elements, we have a longstanding relationship with many of these service providers. If you anticipate needing testing while you or your loved one is enrolled in the program, please talk to your Educational Consultant or your Elements therapist about options.* 

Once the tester is hired by the family or client, we will coordinate with them on logistics, timing, and any paperwork the tester needs in advance. In efforts to provide minimal disruption to our clients’ experience, the tester will then travel out to wherever the client is camped on the day of testing. The testing will take place away from other clients so there is privacy for the client. 

*Like all of our relationships with outside parties, we have no financial relationship with psychological testers. There is no financial incentive for us when we refer a family to a particular tester, and their license as well as ours prohibits any untoward billing practices. Any recommendation Elements may make is based solely on the quality of the work they have done for prior clients of Elements.

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