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Clinical Modalities

In more clinical terms, “holistic treatment” can be referred to as a bio-psycho-social model. To make the most of the small window of time we are afforded with each client and their family, we have built a curriculum designed to afford both high impact for the present and clear diagnostic information for the future.

A letter from our Clinical Director

We believe an outdoor program accelerates the treatment process, providing powerful intervention, assessment, stabilization, and first-phase treatment for emotional, developmental and behavioral problems.

Outdoor Behavioral Health

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare (OBH) evolved from wilderness therapy (WT) and offers an integrative wilderness experience with therapeutic techniques and interventions that are delivered by not just clinical staff, but also those who are trained to support clients on a daily basis and bridge care.


We at Elements recognize that psychiatric assessment and care is an integral part of treatment for many of our clients. As a short-term treatment and assessment program, it is not Elements’ standard practice to change medication, but many of our assessments would fall short if they did not consider the effects of psychiatric intervention for our clients. 

Psychological Testing

As a program focused on assessment as well as treatment, Elements understands that some clients will need psychological testing in order to get the best understanding of their needs. In efforts to provide a neutral and unbiased, independent set of eyes on our clients, Elements links families with outside psychological testers who specialize in conducting testing in the wilderness.


At Elements, each therapist has the charge of his/her own group, constantly directing the course and is equally interested in the group culture as they are in each individual’s progress.

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