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A holistic trauma-informed approach thoughtfully developed with evidence-based practices.

It is our mission to provide the most engaging and effective Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare treatment program for adolescents and young adults. Change happens when one feels safe, inspired, and confident to make one’s life their own. We believe it’s our responsibility to create this environment while empowering our clients through open and honest dialogue, and concrete resources

To make the most of the small window of time we are afforded with each client and their family, we have built a curriculum designed to afford both high impact for the present and clear diagnostic information for the future. As you click through the following modalities below (or simply scroll through them in turn), please understand that each piece serves as a different way to approach the same end: helping our clients a) understand their role in their life and b) develop the skills to make real change happen.

Each element of this program is designed to cast a wide net in order to help each client engage in the way that best fits their individual needs and experience. For example, with therapist guidance to individualize the experience, some clients will only touch upon the 7 Challenges whereas for others it will serve as a centerpiece to their experience.

Our Modalities

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a powerful multimodal treatment approach that Elements uses to address the extreme emotional intensity and dysregulation with which many of our clients struggle.

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Seven Challenges

Elements uses the Seven Challenges approach to address all levels of drug or alcohol involvement—from experimentation to addiction.

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Adventure programming offers a dynamic and innovative approach to therapeutic treatment, where the great outdoors becomes a canvas for healing and growth.

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Family Engagement

Our outdoor therapy program uses every opportunity available to incorporate the entire family system wherever possible. As such, each family will have a host of opportunities to engage with their family members in the program.

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Individual & Group Therapy

We provide individual and group therapy in a whole new light. Therapists travel to the clients’ campsites to conduct therapy in the great outdoors in a style that is engaging, hands-on, collaborative.

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