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Here at Elements, we believe that access to behavioral and mental healthcare is as fundamental as access to medical care. However, limitations of working with insurance companies mean that we work on a reimbursement basis, where families pay tuition costs up front and then apply for reimbursement after treatment is complete.

It is at that point that we give families a “superbill” which breaks out the cost of therapies provided from the cost of residential care. Coverage amount varies from plan to plan and state to state, but most families with health insurance will at least see some reimbursement for the cost of therapies provided by and under the supervision of our licensed clinicians, whereas others may see reimbursement for costs related to the residential portion of our treatment.

With all the research we have done to prove the efficacy of wilderness therapy (professionally termed Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare), coupled with the Mental Health Parity Act, families are seeing more reimbursement than ever. The following two companies dedicate their profession to helping families see returns on the cost of treatment:

In order to help families access the resources to pay the up front cost of treatment, we have also developed a relationship with a healthcare lending institution, Prosper Healthcare.

Please click the link below to see their brochure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your family’s situation.

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