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Assistant Group Lead

Bowe is a silly, heart centered, and ceremonial guide who has outdoor behavioral health experience from horticultural therapy on the Big Island of Hawaii to more traditional wilderness based programs in Colorado to specific rite of passage backpacking guiding in Washington. 

Bowe grew up in Boston and has fond memories of exploring the hills and marshlands just south of the city. While they never lost the peace and wonder they first found in the woods, and have always communed with nature to seek their own answers, they did not hike until their 20s, or learn to put a backpack on until they began training to be a outdoor therapy guide, themself! In other words, Bowe’s first love is mental health and they have committed to learning outdoor guiding skills because of their deep belief that outdoor therapy is one of the most effective mental health treatments for young people in today’s world. 

Bowe came to and has stayed in this industry after working a variety of mental health, social work and community service oriented jobs. They have come to find that no practitioner or program can be as patient, non judgmental, non reactive or as good a mirror as the wild world is for humans seeking healing. And, because they believe, from their own experience, in the value of loving challenge to empower young people to take ownership over their lives. 

In the field, Bowe finds the most joy in designing phase and character ceremonies for clients because they believe that marking transition allows young people to step into their next phase of life with clarified intention and values.

Outside of work, you can find Bowe flying and driving far and wide to hike and hold ceremony in a variety of backcountry settings, as well as lifting weights, dancing, practicing yoga, snowboarding, painting, and writing poems.

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