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Bryan M

Bryan M

Field Supervisor

Bryan was born in Kentucky but moved to Texas as fast as he could. He grew up in between Dallas and Fort Worth in a region nicked named the Cross Timbers. This is where the piney woods, hill country and Great Plains all collide and is crisscrossed by the Trinity River. Here, Bryan discovered an outdoor playground where many folks just saw suburbia. Bryan spent many long weekends with his father backpacking the Wichita Mountains and the Chisos Mountains of the Big Bend region. Determined to purchase a guitar, he began working at his folks restaurant at the age of eleven. As an unintended side effect, he met his first true love, cooking.

Bryan attended the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas where he studied Outdoor Leadership. He also fell in love with every sort of bicycle riding. Road, mountain biking, track, cyclocross and especially grassroots gravel road racing. This passion quickly pulled Bryan into the bicycling industry. After a few years selling and fixing bikes, he opened his own shop, Trinity Bicycles, with a longtime friend.

Four years later, he could no longer resist the call of the great outdoors and a strong desire to do meaningful work. While studying Outdoor Leadership, he had become intrigued with Wilderness Therapy. He soon said goodbye to Texas and packed a bag for Utah. When not in the field Bryan is constantly blaring free jazz while making chili. He is not very good at the alto saxophone and is much worse at the tenor. He is still obsessed with riding bicycles and is terrified of heights.

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