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Eric Fawson

Eric Fawson, LCSW

Clinical Director, Primary Therapist

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Eric has been a therapist since 2005, first in residential and therapeutic boarding school settings and for many years as a wilderness therapist and Clinical Director. Eric is well known for his expertise as a family systems attachment trauma specialist, which goes hand in hand with his work with mood disorders, substance abuse, and other addictive behaviors. Eric’s earliest clinical training focused on recovery with the young adult population and throughout his clinical career, he has been able to stay connected to the young adult clinical world either through direct care or in a consulting capacity.

Eric first earned a degree in Behavioral Sciences from Utah Valley University and later earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Brigham Young University. After graduate school, Eric anticipated continuing his education towards an academic career and professorship. However, after having worked in a residential setting, with Utah County Division of Substance Abuse, and within the adoption triad, Eric focused his energies toward becoming a therapist.

Eric’s passion for the outdoors began early in his childhood and was highly influenced by growing up in Hawaii. To this day, Eric’s favorite vacations are to the beach with surfboards in tow and teaching his kids to surf. Eric embraces the spirit of “Ohana” and believes that growing up in the islands shaped his caring nature and ability to connect with his clients.

Eric was adopted at birth along with his younger brother, and he is also the parent of an adopted child, which Eric counts as one of the greatest blessings in his life. This aspect of his life informs his work within adoption and attachment and gives his practice a solid grounding when working with adoptive family systems.

Since Utah is landlocked, Eric has developed a new passion for mountain biking. In 2017, Eric became the Utah Go Ride Gravity Series state champion (age category) after his eldest son encouraged him to enter the race. His son took second (age category) and to this day Eric holds the family bragging rights. Eric also coaches his local high school mountain bike team (Go Bobcats!). Eric enjoys supporting his children’s interests in sports, academics, music and creativity. Eric and his wife are working on 30 years of marriage and have 5 children: 3 adults and 2 still working their way there. Recently Eric and his wife welcomed their first grandchild and as Eric reports, she has stolen their hearts.

Listen to Eric on Hopestream Community podcast discussing The Intersection of Adoption and Substance Use.

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