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Jen Sheridan, LCHMC

Jen Sheridan, LCHMC

Family Therapist

Families are a sum of their parts- in the very best ways, also in the hardest ways imaginable. While each individual acts according to their own will; there are ripples that create, challenge and change the family system. The ripples can feel overwhelming and detrimental.

Jen’s greatest joy and strength, professionally, has been working directly with parents. She has worked with clients in both wilderness and RTC settings for 20 years. Shifting her focus 11 years ago to parents before, during, or after transition to/ from a therapeutic setting has become her passion.

Jen received a BA from Colorado State University, and an MC from The University of Phoenix- Salt Lake City campus. When Jen is not working, she spends time in her vegetable garden, mountain biking/snowboarding, trying to apply her knowledge and experience to raising her 2 daughters…and not forgetting her 12 year old dog, who contrary to her husband’s opinion, is the best dog in the world.

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