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Joe V

Joe V

Field Supervisor

Joe developed a love for the outdoors from a young age, backcountry camping in the Canadian Rockies and fishing in the Boundary Waters with his dad and brothers. Joe has continued the tradition of visiting the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, perfecting skills like preparing fresh-caught fish for dinner, assembling shelters, and taking all necessary precautions to avoid dangerous animal encounters. He has introduced many friends to the simple pleasures of outdoor living and developed a love for teaching even the most inexperienced camper essential wilderness skills.

After 10 years in the event industry managing running races with participants numbering in the thousands, he decided it was time for a career change. Joe looked for an opportunity to positively influence young people’s lives through the outdoor experiences that had shaped his own. Wilderness therapy gave Joe the chance to share his expansive outdoor knowledge and skills with young men who remind him of himself.

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