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Nick B

Nick B

Assistant Group Lead

Nick grew up outside of Rochester, New York. He joined the Elements team aiming to share insights from his own experience, having grappled with many of the tribulations facing our clients.

Working from shelters and kitchens, to dermatopathology labs and hospitals, he’s thrilled to now be aspiring towards a career that’s engaging and involved in helping others.

Movement, perspective, gratitude, and leaning into discomfort have been game changing for him. At Elements, Nick hopes to instill that love for growth and development, (often through sarcastic optimism at first!) which has been a wellspring of purpose and direction.

In Nick’s free time you’ll find him running through towns and canyons alike, chipping away at books (currently “The Complete Essays of Michel de Montaigne”), playing games on his computer, and meandering around outside.

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