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Sasha R

Sasha R

Assistant Group Lead

As a teenager, Sasha participated in an Outward Bound course which absolutely changed her life and ignited her passion for outdoor work. Sasha has been working in the outdoor behavioral health/wilderness therapy/nature-based counseling field on and off for several years now. Sasha previously worked a year guiding at another company in Utah.

Sasha is from New York, but currently lives in Boulder, CO. Sasha just finished her first year of the Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy Masters clinical psych program at Naropa University.

In her free time, she loves to engage in all sorts of outdoor/physical activities including but not limited to long-distance swimming, climbing, skiing, backpacking, kayaking, yoga, kickboxing, mountain biking and more! Sasha looks forward to joining the Elements team and continuing to participate in the healing impacts of nature-based healthcare.

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