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Savannah M

Savannah M

Assistant Group Lead

Savannah was born and raised in the Appalachian foothills of Alabama. She spent all of her time outside climbing trees, chasing critters, and monkeying around. When she went to college, it was a no brainer that she would study Wildlife Biology and Environmental Sciences. 

After earning her degree, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to go north for the bears or south for the monkeys, so she did both; Savannah spent six summers working in Alaska watching bears, picking berries, and catching fish. When winter approached, she flew to the warm jungles of Central America to research primate genetics– i.e. collect monkey poop in the name of science! She even spent a winter in the only Spanish-speaking African country, Equatorial Guinea, tagging sea turtles.

Savannah’s most recent adventure led her somewhere between the jungles and the Alaskan mountains: the southern deserts of Utah.  Her love for the outdoors and desire to help others brought her to Elements. 

When she’s in the field, you can find her cooking over the fire with her dog, Chief, drooling close by, or doing yoga. When she’s not in the field, she’s doing pretty much the same thing.

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