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Sean Spinner, LCSW

Sean Spinner, LCSW

Primary Therapist

Sean began working with teenagers in a therapeutic environment in 2009 as a field staff at a wilderness therapy program in Utah.  While working in the woods with clients, Sean developed a love for being part of the wilderness experience and the connections he established.  It was during his time as a field staff that he decided he wanted to push himself to learn more about the therapeutic process that the clients were going through with a clinical perspective.

In 2016, Sean attended the University of Utah to get his Master’s degree in Social Work.  While in graduate school, Sean had the opportunity to work at a local jail and worked with adults who were struggling with substance use.  He also worked at the local VA hospital in the Inpatient Psych Unit helping veterans through their different struggles.

After graduating from school, he worked at a residential treatment center as a substance use therapist for teenage boys.  While there, Sean was able to help the boys learn about healthier coping skills as well as their addictive thinking patterns.

In his free time, Sean can be found hanging out with his dog Layla, riding his mountain bike, practicing yoga and staying as active as possible.

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