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Sebastian T

Sebastian T

Assistant Group Lead, AP Instructor

Sebastian is originally from Chile having moved to California at age 8. Exploring and recreating in the

remote landscapes around Lake Tahoe, he came to realize the positive impacts and life lessons that can be taught by immersing oneself in the wilderness.

His love for the outdoors grew as he began guiding; kayaking on the rivers of Oregon, canyoneering in the canyons of southeast Utah and rafting on the Colorado river in Utah. Rock climbing, skiing, and watersports grasped his interest, propelling him to continue seeking adventures across the U.S.

The adventure programing aspect of wilderness therapy is what initially drew Sebastian into Elements. After seeing the immense impact that the program had on the client and staff, he wanted to work for a company that inspires growth.

Sebastian now works both as an Adventure Programing Guide as well as a Field Guide. His hope is to pass along his knowledge and interest for the outdoors while also encouraging others to take the necessary steps to find their passions in life.

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